• 100% Electric
  • Motor 800W
  • Disk Brakes
  • Zippy Bike
  • Ideal for Daily Ride to Work
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  • General
  • Motor
  • Power system
  • Drivetrain
  • Chassis / Suspension / Brakes
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Economy
  • Warranty
Manufacture/ Model viz
Part Number 2B-SHSYLXQS-800-LI48AH20
Supplier Number SY-LXQS(HK)
Bike Type Alu -Alloy Peddle/ Electric Bike Type
Powered by Electricity/ Peddle Smart Scooter
Range - City 45 km
Peak torque 95 Nm
Peak power 800 W
Top speed (max) 43 km/h
Top speed (sustained) 38 km/h
Accelaration 0-43 km/h 20 sec
Power consumption per km 0.5-1kW/h
Type Brushless DC Motor
Controller Sinwave controller
Climbing angle 10 deg
Battery Type Lithium Ion (Long Life)
Est. pack life to 80% (city) - Cycles 650
Power pack Battery Charger Provided
Max capacity 20 AH
Voltage 48VDC
Charger type Slow DC Charger
Charge time (standard) 80% 4-6 Hrs
Input voltage 230V
Transmission No
Final drive Motor
Front suspension Telescopic ShockAbsorbs
Rear suspension Telescopic ShockAbsorbs with Coil Springs
Front suspension travel 45 mm
Rear suspension travel 50 mm
Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Drum
Front tire Tube & Tyre 18 Inch
Rear tire Tube & Tyre 18 Inch
Front wheel Bike Alu. Wheel
Rear wheel Bike Alu. Wheel
Wheelbase 113 cm
Seat height 79 cm
Length 157 cm
Frame 16.5kgs
Curb weight 48 kg
Carrying capacity 2
Typical cost to recharge Rs. 25.00
Standard Motorcycle Warranty* 2 years
Power Pack/ Battery Warranty* 2 years

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